Six Tools You Need to Clean Windows Like Professionals

Want windows that look like a professional cleaned them? Then you must start with the right tools and supplies.

Six tools that the pros use to clean windows are:

1. The wand. A window-cleaning wand basically amounts to two pieces, a t-shaped bar and a sleeve, that is used to reach windows and scour away stubborn spots. The sleeve portion of your wand is available in various textures to help get your windows as clean as they can be, and these sleeves can be detached and laundered as needed. Look for sleeves that will retain water and for handles that offer swivel-movement.

2. A squeegee. The squeegee allows you to remove the water and cleaning solution that you apply to the glass with your wand. Squeegees come in a variety of sizes with extender-handles available to reach tall windows; look for those with firm, durable rubber-edges to remove the water in one smooth stroke.

3. Lint-free rags or cloths. You will need some lint-free cloths to pick up any water or droplets that the squeegee leaves behind. Don't try to use paper-towels or regular terry-towels on your clean glass, as it will leave particles and lint behind. Micro-fiber cloths are good for cleaning windows and they repel lint and debris.

4. White vinegar. Many professional window-cleaning companies swear by vinegar with warm water to get your windows sparkling clean. If you want to use a mild detergent, use one that won't lather much or dilute it with water before using it on glass.

5. A safety scraper. A safety scraper is good to have on-hand to remove stubborn debris like paint drips, varnish spots, or even dead insects that come in contact with your windows. These remove them with ease, so that your windows will sparkle without the struggle and labor of trying to rub them off with a rag.

6. Wide-mouth buckets. You will need a wide-mouth bucket to accommodate and fit your wand, so choose one that is both wide-enough to fit the sleeve with ease, as well as deep-enough so that you can add several gallons of water. It might be helpful to invest in buckets with casters or wheels on the bottom to make it easier to transport when you are moving around cleaning windows or when the bucket is full.

Don't want to bother with cleaning your own windows? Or, if you have hard-to-reach windows, visit resources like to learn more. Now is the time to get those windows sparkling clean before spring!